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Who Sees a Chiropractor?


If this is your first time seeing a chiropractor, you’re probably curious to know who else sees one. You might be surprised to know the answer.

Many people seek the help of a chiropractor initially for symptoms.

What are symptoms? And what causes symptoms?

When there’s a problem with your spine it sends stress signals to your brain. You start to feel an unpleasant, undesirable feeling. This is your brain’s way of letting you know something is wrong.

The most common symptoms I see in practice are:

  1. low back pain / stiffness
  2. sciatica
  3. shoulder pain
  4. carpal tunnel syndrome
  5. knee pain
  6. neck pain / stiffness
  7. headaches / migraines
  8. stress and fatigue

You might be familiar with some of these symptoms, or maybe you experience it yourself regularly. These are signs that you should get your spine checked sooner than later.

Most people I see in practice are office, IT workers, students and families who live and work around Ultimo, Pyrmont, Chippendale, Glebe and Haymarket.

Eventually after those symptoms have gotten better or disappeared, most people will have regular monthly checkups to look after their spine better.

If you are planning to have your spinal assessment with us, I look forward to helping you have a healthier spine soon.

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Dr Kelvin Chew