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Chronic Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain Chiropractor Adelaide

Patients with Chronic Upper Back Pain

Patient's Concerns

Patients suffering from chronic upper back pain have difficulty taking in deep breaths. It could be tough to stand up straight or to have good, respectable posture without feeling the need to slouch down again.

Some patients also find it difficult to fully relax. It could be tough to feel calm and without anxiety because your upper back feels rigid and stiff, so you're not able to move yourself freely.

Patient's Experience

Patients with chronic upper back pain generally feel constricted in their chest and upper body. The experience for every patient can vary greatly, so it's often difficult to describe it with words.

Some patients describe their upper back pain as "shooting down" on one side. Often times these symptoms can lead to the patient feeling tired, heavy or fatigued because the pain prevents them from breathing normally.

Chronic Upper Back Pain Causes

Chronic pain is usually caused by prolonged stress on your nerves. Stress can come in many forms, and is typically dependant on your environment, lifestyle and habits.

The following are a few common causes for chronic upper back pain:

  1. Using the wrong chair
  2. Poor posture
  3. Smoking
  4. Excess weight
  5. Genetics (very tall patient)
  6. Wear and tear (age related)


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Chronic Upper Back Pain Facts

Misconceptions about Chronic Upper Back Pain

Most people think that chronic upper back pain is caused by poor posture, slouching or weak upper body muscles. This may be true for patients who work mainly in offices, but what about the rest of us?

Chronic upper back pain can often be a by-product of something else. If you're coughing frequently, work as a tradesman or do push ups too often, you may be putting excessive strain and stress on the nerves that go to your upper back, causing chronic upper back pain.

Conditions Associated with Chronic Upper Back Pain

  1. Scoliosis (curved spine)
  2. Slouched posture (hyper-kyphosis)
  3. Upper back muscle imbalance

Solutions for Chronic Upper Back Pain

Chronic Pain is a Nerve Problem

Traditionally, patients with upper back pain address their chronic pain with quick fix solutions. These include applying heat, ice, stretching, massaging the painful area and pain medication.

However, because chronic pain is different from normal pain, these solutions only address the "tip of the iceberg". Chiropractic on the other hand addresses the "whole of the iceberg", allowing for natural chronic pain relief by addressing the patient's nerves.