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Chronic Pain Management Solutions

How Chiropractic Works

Simply put, your Chiropractor's job is to help you find spots in your body where your nerves are overactive, under-active or both. These spots are called "Chiropractic subluxations" and can be found in every part of your body, from head to toe.

Most subluxations will be found in the patient's spine because that's where most of your nerves are located. This is why Chiropractors have a strong reputation in relation to the spine (neck, upper back, lower back).

It's important to know that not all subluxations will be painful and not all subluxations will cause pain. This is where the skill of your Chiropractor comes into play, as it takes many years to hone the skill of finding and fixing a patient's subluxations well.

Most patients manage their chronic pain using quick fix solutions such as applying heat, ice, stretching, massaging the painful area and pain medication. Chiropractic is different because it addresses the underlying problem - oversensitive nerves.

What To Expect

First Appointment

Your first appointment helps to establish a collaborative relationship between you and your Chiropractor. It's important that the both of you are working towards the same goal or outcome - YOU.

You will have a discussion with your Chiropractor about your chronic pain(s) and you'll have the chance to ask any questions on your mind about your condition. After that, your Chiropractor will perform an assessment for you to objectively determine:

  1. If there's any tissue damage in relation to your chronic pain
  2. How well your nerves are working (your function)

Your function will be rated as a score between 0% - 100%, with a higher score reflecting healthier nerves. If it's determined that you do indeed have a nerve problem causing your chronic pain, it's important for you to get x-rays of your spine next.


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Second Appointment

Your second appointment helps you understand your chronic pain better so you can have the best management outcomes possible. Upon reviewing your x-rays, your Chiropractor will recommend the best management plan for you.

You will be given a management plan with the following details:

  1. How long it'll take to get you better
  2. Number of appointments required
  3. What each appointment will consist of

As with any medical or health situation, it will be up to you to decide if you want to go ahead with your recommendations. If you decide to start, you'll have your first adjustment (treatment) today.

Management Plan

Your management plan will consist of:

  1. Checkups (finding your subluxations)
  2. Adjustments (fixing your subluxations)
  3. Progress assessments (re-checking your functional score % to objectively monitor your progress)

Each patient is different, so your Chiropractic management plan will be tailored to suit your chronic pain situation and needs. Throughout your management plan, Dr Kelvin Chew will do his best to look after you.

Chronic Pain Management Steps