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Step 1 - Pain Care

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Pain Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

We are all familiar with the iceberg analogy. You can see the tip of the iceberg floating above the ocean's surface, sticking out like a sore thumb.

As unbelievable as it sounds, there's an even larger bottom part of the iceberg. This is the part that's hidden from view, unless of course you take a dive deeper into the ocean.

The first step to successful chronic pain management is to address the visible tip. For the patient's context, this is the chronic pain that you've experienced for the last 3 months or more.

You know it's there because you can feel it. Even more interesting, some days there's more of it while on other days it's barely noticeable - but you feel it nonetheless.

Chronic Pain As The Tip Of The Iceberg

Iceberg analogy for chronic pain


Has your chronic pain lasted more than 3 months?
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Bring Down Your Pain Level

Depending on your chronic pain location, it's important to give it a number. Dr Kelvin Chew prefers a simple pain scale from 0 - 10 (the higher the number, the greater your pain).

During step 1, your Chiropractor will help bring your pain intensity down to a smaller number. For example, a patient with chronic neck pain of 8/10 intensity can reasonably expect to bring it down to a 6/10 level during step 1 of their Chiropractic care.

Chronic Pain Locations

Chronic Pain Locations

Pain Scale

Pain Scale

Step 1 Recommendations

During step 1, your appointments will be closer together. During this intensive stage, you will have 3 checkups & adjustments per week for:

  • 2 weeks (if your pain is below average with a score of 0 - 5)
  • 4 weeks (if your pain is above average with a score of 6 - 10)

At the end of step 1, you'll have your first progress assessment to objectively determine your progress. After that, you'll proceed to step 2.