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Chronic Migraine & Headache

Migraine & headache Chiropractor Adelaide

Patients with Migraine & Headache

Patient's Concerns

Patients suffering from chronic migraine & headache have difficulty focusing on what's in front of them. It could be tough to read a book or write a report because you're not in a pleasant state of mind.

Some patients also find it difficult to listen and talk to someone else. When your head and face is the cause for your pain, it's tough to concentrate during a face-to-face conversation.

Patient's Experience

Patients with chronic migraine & headache generally feel pain at the top of their head, sides of the head or front of their face. Everyone's symptomatic experience is different, so patients may find it difficult to describe what they're feeling.

Most patients however describe the pain is throbbing, pulsating and sometimes disturbing their vision or hearing. It is also common to have pain around your eyes or behind one eye.

Migraine & Headache Causes

Chronic pain is usually caused by prolonged stress on your nerves. Stress can come in many forms, and is typically dependant on your environment, lifestyle and habits.

For migraine & headaches, these are some common causes:

  1. Bad sleeping habits
  2. Trauma to the head
  3. Poor postural habits
  4. Whiplash injuries (car accidents)
  5. Technology overuse
  6. Sitting too long


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Migraine & Headache Facts

Misconceptions about Migraine & Headache

Most people think that chronic migraines & headaches are caused by things like dehydration, alcohol, eating chocolates or coffee withdrawal. This may be true for acute migraine episodes, but they seldom last for more than 6 weeks.

Another mistake people make is to confuse migraine & headaches with vertigo symptoms. These are two very different problems and vertigo differentiates itself with symptoms very similar to the room "spinning".

Conditions Associated with Migraine & Headache

  1. Tension headache
  2. Cluster headache
  3. Cervicogenic headache

Solutions for Migraine & Headache

Chronic Pain is a Nerve Problem

Traditionally, patients with migraine & headaches address their chronic pain with quick fix solutions. These include applying heat, ice, stretching, massaging the painful area and pain medication.

However, because chronic pain is different from normal pain, these solutions only address the "tip of the iceberg". Chiropractic on the other hand addresses the "whole of the iceberg", allowing for natural chronic pain relief by addressing the patient's nerves.