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Is It Possible to Lose Weight Fast in 2 Weeks? A Podcast with Jason Yung

Is It Possible to Lose Weight Fast in 2 Weeks? A Podcast with Jason Yung

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The Weight Loss Expert

For this podcast episode, I am joined by my good friend and colleague Jason Yung. He has helped plenty of residents living in Pyrmont to lose weight fast, some even as quick as 2 weeks so they can live their best lives.

Jason works as a personal trainer in the Vision Pyrmont gym. I first met him back in 2018 when I decided to be a warm, friendly neighbour to the local businesses around my area.

You see, my clients often ask me if I knew a knowledgeable doctor, a strong massage therapist, flexible yoga instructor or motivating personal trainer to recommend to them. Sometimes I know exactly who they need to see, but sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect fit.

Naturally, I was quite picky with which businesses I would approach, but I knew the hard working people around Ultimo, Pyrmont, Chippendale, Glebe and Haymarket had the potential to meet the needs of my beloved clients.

Vision Personal Training

If you haven’t heard of Vision Personal Training before, you’re probably new in Sydney (or don’t go out much). They’ve got a studio in most suburbs around here and they’re branded with a recognisable red and dark blue.

I’ve worked with another Vision gym in the past, so I knew they were good at what they do – weight loss. Lots of it.

Their formula for weight loss has helped even those who’ve been struggling with this issue for many years. Without the right fundamentals, it really can be a painful journey.

Back to Jason. I realised quickly he was really into long term health and fitness, not only to “blossom” quickly and “disappear” right after. Meaning, he is about sustainable weight loss and giving you the right habits so that you can keep what you’ve gained.

That is definitely something that my clients value. The same goes for a healthy spine. Once you’ve got it through your chiropractic care, you want to keep it healthy for the rest of your life.

And when it comes to weight loss, we all know it takes time and a good amount of self discipline. But how much time do you actually need to be able to see a difference?

Your Motivation To Lose Weight Fast

Jason shares that he found most people trying to lose weight fast were too “addicted” to the numbers.

They let the weighing scale or body fat measurement dictate their happiness and emotional state of mind.

Depending on the direction that value moves, it can produce either a positive or negative impact on their progress. In other words, depending on these numerical results too frequently creates a situation where you lose control of your motivation.

Instead, he recommends that you depend more on what excites and energises you about the process of losing weight. You can do this using your 5 senses.

During this episode, he asks me “What is the thing that makes you want to train often? Do you remember?”.

Are you somebody who gets motivation from…

  • Checking yourself out in the mirror?
  • The way you feel when you practice a good habit?
  • How you perform better in your daily life?
  • Hitting your personal best be it in minutes, kilograms or winning a match?
  • Enjoying smaller, more gradual improvements and changes in health?
  • Noticing a positive change in your body shape?
  • Having your friends and colleagues compliment you?
Girl lifting free weights in the gym to maintain her weight loss
Does looking good in the mirror motivate you to lose more weight?

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Good Habits Make All The Difference

Jason also emphasised the power of your habits. Change will happen eventually whether you realise it or not, but to walk through the process takes trust and patience.

Being too focused on the outcome can dictate your emotional state to the point that you get impatient and discouraged early on.

At Vision Pyrmont, they often do what they call a “body fat challenge”. Members of the gym would “compete” against each other and themselves to see who drops the most body fat and weight within a period of 9 weeks.

That’s not all, they also measure these changes:
  1. your bioage.
  2. your lean body mass.
  3. total body water.
  4. protein and mineral content.

When faced with difficulty during these 9 weeks, Jason would advise his clients to ask themselves a very important question:

“Am I ready to keep putting in the work, or am I going to let this difficulty decide for me?”

From Engineer To Personal Trainer

Interestingly, training was never about weight loss for Jason when he started.

Years ago, he decided he wanted to play better basketball. He felt everyone was taller, faster and stronger than him at that time.

So he wanted to become stronger and bigger with the hopes of improving his game. The more he improved his basketball performance, the more motivation he had to continue his supplementary training at the gym.

After 5 years of working as an engineer, he took a leap of faith for a career change. The engineering lifestyle was one he could not see himself living in the long term.

He felt that he was always self motivated to go to the gym (sometimes even at 2am in the morning), so he must truely love doing it.

What Amount Of Weight Loss Is “Healthy”?

According to Jason, as a general rule of thumb dropping 0.5kg – 1kg per week is what you want.

For healthy weight loss, Jason’s tips to consider are:

  • Ask yourself, “What am I actually losing?”.
  • Am I losing muscle mass?
  • Am I losing mostly water weight?
  • Is my body shedding off excess fat?
  • What is your starting weight?
  • The heavier you are when you start, you tend to lose more weight per time.
  • How committed are you?
  • If you are ready to consistently train 3 times a week, manage your time, reduce your daily stress and be disciplined with the foods you eat, you can expect desirable results sooner.
Woman in sweater enjoying a healthy hearty meal at a hipster cafe
What are your motivations for wanting to lose weight rapidly?

Listen to this episode:

A Study On Maintaining Weight Loss

Once you’ve succeeded in reaching your ideal weight, you might want to keep what you’ve earned. An interesting study shows the secrets for doing this.

This study compares the people who were successful in keeping their new weight versus the participants who’s weight rebounded back to what it was before.

Some interesting findings from this study on maintaining weight loss:

  • Only 20% of people who used to be overweight successfully keep their weight down in the long term.
  • It was found that most people in this 20% “successful” category had strong emotional triggers before they started their weight loss journey.
  • For example, they witnessed a close family member having a heart attack or they were the heaviest they’ve ever been in their lives.
  • These triggers were more meaningful reasons and created strong motivation for them to keep the weight off after the initial weight loss.

At the Vision Pyrmont gym, Jason found that his clients who were most successful at keeping their weight off after their initial weight loss had these 2 important qualities:

  1. They understood the principles behind healthy weight loss. So, it wasn’t a fluke the first time around.
  2. They identified their “why”. This goes back to your strong emotional trigger or what gets you excited to train and prepare your own meals.

So, How Much Time Should I Give Myself To Lose Weight?

Let’s start with another questions first: how quick would most people wish to lose their weight?

Jason talks about how most people are motivated by “catching up with an event”. Let’s say your wedding is in 3 months. Or summer is coming around in 8 weeks.

He’s received the seemingly impossible timeline of 2 weeks before, but he finds more people wish to be “completely transformed” in 4 to 8 weeks.

I guess that’s a good combination of “wow, i’m excited to see where I’ll be in 2 months” while still being reasonable with your expectations.

Interestingly, many people don’t see beyond that 4 to 8 weeks. That’s why the Vision Pyrmont team do a great job in coaching their clients to see past their dream event.

Is that all you want? Or do you want something more sustainable after that event that initially motivated you? Do you want more for yourself in the long term?

“Different people want different things”

What Do You Want For The Long Term?

So is it possible to lose weight fast in 2 weeks?

Yes, it is!

But instead of focusing on how much weight you can lose in a few weeks or how you’ll go about doing it, focus your attention to the why and what after.

Do you truly know and understand you motivations for losing any amount of weight in any time frame? Is it to impress your friends for an event? Or maybe someone close to you is having some health issues and you think it’s time you start looking after yourself.

Then what do you want after those 2 weeks? Are you happy going back to your former self or do you crave for something more?

As Jason Yung puts it:

“Do you want to look good, blossom for a night and forget about it? Or are you looking for a new lifestyle that allows you to sustain it?”

More On Vision Pyrmont

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