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Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain

Foot & ankle pain Chiropractor Adelaide

Patients with Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain

Patient's Concerns

Patients suffering from chronic foot & ankle pain have difficulty standing on their tippy toes. It could be tough to wear closed shoes or walk bare feet on hard, flat surfaces.

Some patients find it difficult to put their body weight onto their heels. Often times it's hard to find a balance between comfortable footwear that are good for you and fashionable footwear that'll give you confidence.

Patient's Experience

Patients with chronic foot & ankle pain generally feel soreness of varying degrees at the bottom of their foot. Every patient will find their pain differing from others, so it's impossible to describe your symptoms well.

Some patients describe a very specific pain between their biggest two toes. Often times these symptoms will worsen at the end of the day and can change depending on the shoes that you choose to wear.

Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain Causes

Chronic pain is usually caused by prolonged stress on your nerves. Stress can come in many forms, and is typically dependant on your environment, lifestyle and habits.

For chronic foot & ankle pain, here are some common causes:

  1. Wrong shoes (high heels)
  2. High risk sports (dance, long-distance running)
  3. Genetics (one leg is longer)
  4. Recurring ankle sprains
  5. Foot swelling (diabetes)
  6. Flat feet (fallen arches)


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Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain Facts

Misconceptions about Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain

Most people think that chronic foot & ankle pain is caused by walking too much. This may be true if you're on holiday in Europe or Bali, but these rarely last for more than 3 weeks after you're back home.

Another mistake people make is to massage the bottom of their foot when it hurts. Depending on the underlying cause of your foot & ankle pain, applying direct pressure may actually worsen the pain and deepen the root problem.

Conditions Associated with Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain

  1. Plantar fasciitis
  2. Bunions (bent toes)
  3. Achilles tendinitis
  4. Sciatica
  5. Bulging disc

Solutions for Chronic Foot & Ankle Pain

Chronic Pain is a Nerve Problem

Traditionally, patients with foot & ankle pain address their chronic pain with quick fix solutions. These include applying heat, ice, stretching, massaging the painful area and pain medication.

However, because chronic pain is different from normal pain, these solutions only address the "tip of the iceberg". Chiropractic on the other hand addresses the "whole of the iceberg", allowing for natural chronic pain relief by addressing the patient's nerves.