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Dr Kelvin Chew

Dr Kelvin Chew
Dr Kelvin Chew

Dr Kelvin Chew's Mission

Dr Kelvin Chew is a fully qualified Chiropractor who specialises in chronic pain management. His first experience with Chiropractic was as a patient at the age of 13.

After being in a major car accident in 2002, Dr Kelvin started to develop chronic neck pain over the next 12 months. That was when he understood first hand that chronic pain can also happen to young people.

Upon being recommended to see a local Chiropractor, Dr Kelvin started his journey as a Chiropractic patient. He was treated using the same style of Chiropractic that he practices today.

Keeping his own history as a patient in mind, Dr Kelvin's mission for you is to:

  1. Manage your chronic pain naturally by addressing the root cause - oversensitive nerves.
  2. Improve the function of your nerves so you have a healthy nervous system.
  3. Inspire you to be a lifelong user of Chiropractic.

A Lifelong Chiropractic Advocate

After being consistent with his Chiropractic checkups & adjustments for 6 months, Dr Kelvin stopped getting regular adjustments for more than 1 year.

He noticed his chronic neck pain and stiffness coming back gradually during this time. Compared to the first time, the intensity of his symptoms was lesser.

However, it still affected his everyday life because the chronic pain was present. So, he went to see another Chiropractor (since his first Chiropractor had retired since).

Dr Kelvin's second Chiropractor was much better at explaining the benefits of using Chiropractic regularly. You see, most patients are well educated on the importance of maintaining oral hygiene but very few people know about the importance of maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Dr Kelvin Chew
Dr Kelvin Chew

Dr Kelvin's Clinical Experience

Opening You Chiropractic's Doors

After Dr Kelvin Chew graduated from University, he went on to work for numerous clinics in Sydney, NSW. He noticed that many Chiropractors in Australia were focused on sports and injuries.

In other words, they focused on acute pain or normal pain. So, he decided to start his own practice that would focus on his passion - chronic pain management.

After running his own practice successfully from 2016 to 2019, Dr Kelvin decided to move to Adelaide for a much desired "tree change".

Away from the big smoke, he chose Campbelltown (SA) as the hub to continue his practice. He hopes to provide the best service he can for his chronic pain patients here.

Fully Qualified, Licensed & Insured

Dr Kelvin Chew graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney, NSW back in 2013. Being one of the top Chiropractic tertiary education providers in the world, Chiropractors graduate with 5 years of formal learning.

In Australia, this comprises of a 3 year Bachelor's degree in science, followed by a 2 year Master's degree in Chiropractic.

Subjects covered by Australia's Chiropractic education include:

  • Anatomy - study of body parts and systems.
  • Pathology - study of diseases and symptoms.
  • Neurology - study of nerves and the nervous system.
  • Clinical Chiropractic - seeing patients and treating them.

Dr Kelvin is also registered by AHPRA, the regulatory board for health & medical professionals in Australia.


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Dr Kelvin's Philosophy

Addressing Chronic Pain From The Inside-Out

Most patients use quick fix strategies to manage their chronic pain. This is the outside-in approach.

For example, patients will swallow a pain pill, apply a soothing cream, massage the painful area or go under the knife. This approach often does work, but it completely neglects the underlying problem - your nerves.

The Chiropractic approach is different because it addresses your nerves first.

Then once your nerves get better, it stops creating the sensation of chronic pain that you feel.

Treat The Patient, Not The Spine

Many Chiropractors approach chronic pain management from the patient's spine. There's a good reason for this - all the nerves in your body come from your spine.

So if oversensitive nerves are what caused your chronic pain, adjusting your spine works.

But, you also have nerves outside your spine and spinal cord. What about these nerves?

Dr Kelvin Chew's approach to chronic pain management looks at the patient as a whole person. He routinely checks and adjusts other parts of your body, not just your spine.