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Dr Kelvin Chew (Chiropractor)

Dr Kelvin Chew opened You Chiropractic's doors (Adelaide clinic) in 2020 with the intention of creating a clinic that addresses chronic pain from the bottom-up. While most people address their pain from a top-down approach using drugs & surgery, Dr Kelvin supports the practice of addressing the underlying cause(s) of chronic pain.

With 7 years of clinical experience, Dr Kelvin's practice follows the philosophy that chronic pain relief & management is most successful when patients are treated as whole human beings, rather than individual parts that are painful.

Chiropractors are popular for the adjustments of their patient's spine, but Dr Kelvin broadens this approach by also checking the patient's jaw, legs & arms every appointment. The reason for this is simple - often times the underlying cause for your pain is in your peripheral nerves, situated outside your spinal cord.

Chronic Pain

Dr Kelvin Chew's focus on chronic pain comes from his own experience as a patient during childhood.

After getting into a major car accident back in 2002, Dr Kelvin started to gradually develop chronic pain symptoms. Chiropractic was an unexpected blessing that set forth his journey to truly understand chronic pain, especially when caused by postural, repetitive & traumatic stress.

From firsthand experience, Dr Kelvin knows that chronic pain can happen to anyone, at anytime & any age.


Dr Kelvin Chew graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney back in 2013. In Australia, Chiropractic tertiary education comprises of a 3 year Bachelors degree in science, followed by a 2 year Master's degree in clinical Chiropractic.

Subjects covered in his Chiropractic education include:

 Anatomy (part of the human body)
 Physiology (how the human body works)
  Neurology (study of nerves)
 Clinical experience (patient consultations)


Dr Kelvin Chew's clinical experience covers private practice, allied health practice & medical group practice.

His previous locations of practice include:

  • Wollongong Medical Centre (NSW)
  • Health Space Kingsford (NSW)
  • You Chiropractic (Ultimo, NSW)

With a special interest in chronic pain, Dr Kelvin has devoted his career to further understand the complexities of this condition and how his brand of Chiropractic care is able to help patients. Dr Kelvin believes that Chiropractic care is a safe, natural & effective choice for chronic pain sufferers.


Dr Kelvin Chew has taught his patients a unique approach to managing their chronic pain. His philosophy consists of 3 main pillars:


  1. Safety first. When it comes to your physical body & wellbeing, you want a Doctor who is thorough.
  2. Address the underlying cause(s) of your chronic pain. In other words, you don't want a Doctor who takes shortcuts.
  3. Keep what you've earned. When your pain & function improves, your Doctor should help you maintain well.

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Dr Kelvin Chew
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