Shop 1/606 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown, SA, 5074

Chiropractor Campbelltown Adelaide: Easily Accessible Location

Our Campbelltown clinic is easily accessible via the Lower North East Road in Metropolitan Adelaide. We are located directly behind the Campbelltown ANZ branch. See where we are in the map>> 

There is plenty of free on-site parking for our patients. We are located within a row of local shops and businesses forming the Campbelltown shopping centre.

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What We Offer: all stages of Chiropractic care

At You Chiropractic Campbelltown clinic, we take a 3 step approach to treatment: Pain care, Functional careWellness care. > See all Services.

Depending on your unique situation, you'll need a Chiropractic treatment plan that suits you. The first step is to have your initial assessment. During your assessment in our Campbelltown Chiro clinic, Dr. Kelvin Chew will help you identify where your body's at and design your treatment plan from there.

Patient Reviews

Nicole Boughton
Nicole Boughton
12. December, 2019.
Junda Khoo
Junda Khoo
16. September, 2019.
Tim Cochran
Tim Cochran
24. July, 2019.
I was lucky to find Kelvin. Close to my work and great to work with, he has been helping me optimise my performance through regular Chiro care. I run my own business, plus I train in the gym frequently. I wouldn't be able to do this to the level I do without the care I get from Kelvin. Plus, he's been super easy to work with when my schedule gets out of control. Go see Kelvin now. You'll thank me later.
sang ryul an
sang ryul an
20. July, 2019.
I have had a several chiropractor over 4 years in Australia. I can say with certainty that he is by far the best chiropractor that i have had. In the first session, he will ask you to take x ray so that he can diagnose your problem and will ask your lifestyle such as exercise you do, smoking, job. He always says the more data he gets, the more beneficial for you as with more information, he can identify root cause. I also felt that he doesn’t overkill the treatment when the adjustment is not necessary. He will say let’s see how this progress in the next session as sometimes mild ones can just come back to normal without any treatment. I believe chiropractic should be ongoing treatment over the lifetime as spine gets misaligned throughout our Daily activities. If i were to choose my chiropractor for life, I would say this place is worth it. Unfortunately i am in Korea at the moment, if i go back to Australia, he may be the reason that i go back. He put my body to its best condition and help me perform to my best. I would like to say thank you to Dr Kelvin for treating me.
Sally Guo
Sally Guo
18. June, 2019.
Kelvin is caring, professional and helpful. Highly recommend!
No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
accident or otherwise, You Chiropractic Campbelltown clinic welcome the chance to serve you!

Meet Dr. Kelvin Chew

Experienced and Caring Chiropractor in Campbelltown, Adelaide

Dr. Kelvin Chew is a highly trained Chiropractor with a strong focus on chronic pain. Using a hands-on & traditional approach to Chiropractic care, Dr. Kelvin is welcoming, thorough, gentle & caring to his patients.

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    What Chiropractic Care Can Help You:

    To address the underlying issues of pain, let your Campbelltown chiropractor help you!  

    We Are Unique

    Why Choosing YouChiropractic Campbelltown Clinic as Your Chiropractic Care Solution?

    Easy Chiropractic
    We want you to enjoy your Chiropractic care, so we minimise the need to do anything more outside your sessions
    Holistic Chiropractic
    We routinely check your jaw, hips, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, elbows, wrists & hands in addition to spine.
    Objective Success
    We take your chronic pain & wellbeing seriously, so we use objective tools & assessments to help you get better

    How Can You Get Here?

    Our Clinic Is Located At Campbelltown, Adelaide, SA 5074

    Had your chronic pain for more than 3 months?
    Come to our Campbelltown clinic and have your initial Chiropractic assessment with Dr Kelvin Chew today!

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    Had your chronic pain for more than 3 months?
    Come to our Campbelltown clinic and have your initial Chiropractic assessment with Dr Kelvin Chew today!
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