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Our Clinic Is Located At Campbelltown, SA 5074

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Getting Here

Our clinic is easily accessible via the Lower North East Road in Metropolitan Adelaide. We are located directly behind the Campbelltown ANZ branch.

There is plenty of free on-site parking for our patients. We are located within a row of local shops and businesses forming the Campbelltown shopping centre.

Chiropractic Made Easy

Our Chiropractor practices a traditional, hands-on style of Chiropractic. Most of our patients want a convenient, experienced Chiropractor that they can trust.

We are known for being thorough, clear and caring because we listen when our patients speak. Chiropractic should be easy to implement and used regularly to ensure a healthy nervous system.


Has your chronic pain lasted more than 3 months?
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Our Team

Dr Kelvin Chew

  • Dr Kelvin Chew is a Chiropractor with a strong focus on chronic pain.
  • Having been a chronic neck pain patient himself, he understands the many concerns of his patients.
  • He has experience working in medical centres and health hub practices before running "You Chiropractic".
  • Dr Kelvin's philosophy is that "pain is only the tip of the iceberg" and it's more beneficial to address the underlying cause - your nerves.
  • His patients want to manage their chronic pain better, without drugs or surgery.

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Patients We See

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