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Step 2 - Functional Care

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Your Nerves Are The Underlying Problem

Now that you know that pain is just the tip of the iceberg, let's take a dive below the "ocean of chronic pain". Once submerged, you can see that your nerves are the underlying cause for your chronic pain.

This is the part that most patients neglect when trying to manage their chronic pain. It could simply be a lack of awareness or they chose a "quick fix" solution that only addresses the tip of the iceberg.

So, the second step to successful chronic pain management is to address your nerves. You need to address nerves that have become oversensitive and under-sensitive due to lifestyle stress.

Oversensitive nerves cause chronic pain while under-sensitive nerves cause poor function. Having poor function can make you feel stiff, unbalanced, clumsy, dizzy, uncoordinated, weak or lacking strength.

Poorly Functioning Nerves As The Middle Of The Iceberg

Nerves As The Middle Of The Iceberg


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Improve Your Level Of Function

If you have chronic pain, Dr Kelvin Chew will perform some special tests for you on your first appointment. These tests are done to objectively determine how well your nerves are functioning.

Your function will be scored on a functional scale from 0% - 100%. The lower your score, the poorer your nerves are functioning.

During step 2, your Chiropractor will help bring your nerve function up to a greater value. For example, a chronic upper back pain patient of 60% function can reasonably expect to improve upwards to 80% function during step 2 of their Chiropractic care.


Funtional Scale

Funtional Scale


Step 2 Recommendations

During step 2, your appointments will be less frequent. During this middle stage, your checkups & adjustments will be as follows:

  • 2 appointments weekly for 8 weeks -> 1 appointment weekly for 8 weeks (if your function is 50% and below)
  • 2 appointments weekly for 4 weeks -> 1 appointment weekly for 4 weeks (if your function is between 51% - 75%)

If your function is 76% and above, this is ideal for you as it means your nerves are functioning normally. It also means that you don't need functional care and can proceed to step 3.