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Why are X-rays so important? There’s 3 good reasons your chiropractor may send you to get X-rays of your spine:

  1. To confirm the problems found during your assessment
  2. To find out what type of chiropractic treatment you need
  3. To gather other necessary clinical data for your benefit

Your spine is unique.

There’s really only one like it, because of how you were born, the stressors and injuries you’ve experienced throughout your lifetime.

It’s also the most important organ in your body to keep healthy. However, your spine has very fragile and sensitive structures protected by the hard shell that is your spinal bones.

Some of these vulnerable structures that need extra care are your spinal cord, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments and small muscles (different from the big ones you workout in the gym).

Spinal X-rays are like selfies of your spine.

It shows things you wouldn’t be able to see by feeling and assessment alone. Because your spine is unique, the chiropractic techniques used to treat it will also be unique.

Once you’ve gotten your X-ray films, bring them in during your next appointment so your chiropractor can help your analyse them. Your chiropractor will then give you an adjustment (chiropractic treatment) to your spine using the technique that best suits you.

If you’ve just had an assessment with us, I will see you soon for your X-ray review and first adjustment.

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