Have you ever fought for something you believed in? Have you ever fell, then muster the spirit to get up and keep moving forward with pure will?

Today, I will share with you the reason I dedicated 5 months of my life to eventually have a mixed martial arts fight.

It was June 2018 and I was seeing a few clients who were MMA fighters.

If you don’t know what MMA is, it stands for mixed martial arts which is a form of combat sports. Similar to boxing and wrestling. You might have heard of their biggest promotion called the UFC before.

So these clients I was helping, they had so many issues with their spine, especially so with their neck. You have to understand though, MMA fighters punch and kick people in the head all the time. But they also GET kicked and punched in the head. And this happens, again and again and again.

Unlike most people, they had issues that kept coming back the same way. Now, I understood what they were going through in theory, but I was curious to see just how much trauma they were absorbing from this sport.

I signed up for this thing called wimp 2 warrior to put myself through the process of understanding these clients better. The first 10 weeks of training was relatively easy for me. It was like a boot camp.

You go through a lot of high intensity training, a lot of body weight exercises. All to build up your fitness and endurance for the fight.

I thought, “how much tougher can this get?”. But during the last 12 weeks of training before the fight, we started sparring. This meant we started to hit each other, choke each other out, simulating the fight as best as we could.

If you’ve never been punched or kicked by someone at full force before, I don’t recommend it!

As it got closer to the date of the fight, I felt my body breaking down, from head to toe. My calves were as stiff as a tree trunk, my thighs all bruised up. My arms were always sore and my face was painted black and blue, in addition to friction marks on my skin.

I was in the best shape of my life, yet broken with injuries. It was one of the best times of my life, but at the same time one of the worse.

A message to my MMA fighting clients: I now know why you’re always broken!

If you ask me, I fought in a cage, to understand my clients better. What about you? Would you ever fight in an MMA match?

If the answer’s yes, you should check out wimp 2 warrior.

I’m Dr Kelvin the Chiro. Wishing you a healthier spine, for a happier you.