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Emergency Chiropractor Near Me

It's always better to book your appointments ahead of time, but sometimes Chiropractic emergencies happen. That's why Dr Kelvin Chew provides after hours Chiropractor services.

If you're looking to see Dr Kelvin Chew after hours, please call 0492896132. We will do our best to see you at the earliest time possible.

If you're experiencing pain that's affecting your daily activities, it's best to get checked by a Chiropractor ASAP.


After Hours Chiropractor Calls

We welcome calls every day within reasonable waking hours (between 8 AM and 8 PM). If we can't accommodate you immediately, we'll find the next available time.

No more waiting until the next day or next week before you're able to have an emergency Chiropractic consultation. Dr Kelvin Chew has experience seeing patients after hours from our Adelaide Chiropractic clinic.


After Hours Chiropractor Fee

Our after hours emergency Chiropractic appointments DO NOT incur an additional fee. It will be at our usual rates:

Standard (aged 26-64): $85

Concession (aged 0-25 and 65+): $75

After Hours Chiropractor Adelaide

Getting Here

You need to be able to attend the clinic in person. If you are experiencing 10/10 pain or the pain is preventing you from travelling to us, you may be too acute to receive Chiropractic care.

If you are unsure, call us at 0492896132 to clarify your situation. Unfortunately, we don't do home visits.


Convenient After Hours Chiropractor

You Chiropractic is located within Campbelltown, SA shopping centre. There is plenty of free, on-site parking available for your after hours Chiropractor visits.

Our Chiropractic clinic is on the ground floor. It is easily accessible even if you're having trouble walking due to an emergency Chiropractic situation.

The main entrance of our clinic is directly behind the Campbelltown, SA branch of ANZ bank.


You Chiropractic Office Hours

If you're happy to see us during regular office hours, these are our opening times:

Monday & Tuesday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Thursday & Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 1 PM

If you need an appointment on Wednesday or Sunday, please call 0492896132. We will do our best to see you at the earliest available time.

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