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You Chiropractic

Who We Are

You Chiropractic is a chronic pain management clinic. Chronic pain is any pain that you've been feeling for more than 3 months.

Our approach to chronic pain management has traditional, hands-on Chiropractic at its core. We are very good at various Chiropractic adjustment techniques that are gentle and safe in nature.

As Chiropractors, we focus on your:

  1. Nervous system
  2. Spine (all nerves come from your spine)
  3. Chronic pain (caused by oversensitive nerves)

We do not do the following:

  • massage
  • exercise
  • drugs
  • surgery

Why We Do What We Do

Chronic pain is a major cause for suffering, lack of performance, disability, absence from work and poor mental health. These days, more and more people manage their chronic pain using "quick fix" solutions.

Some common quick fix solutions:

  • rest (leave it alone and hope it gets better)
  • ice and heat (using cold or hot therapy to numb the pain)
  • stretching
  • massaging the painful area
  • pain medication (long-term use)

Despite being affordable and somewhat effective, these quick fix solutions don't address the underlying cause for your chronic pain - your nerves. They only address the "tip of the iceberg".

Meanwhile, your nerves that are actually causing the chronic pain remain neglected. This causes poor function, wear & tear and before you know it, you end up needing surgery.


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Patients Deserve More Options

Not everyone will choose Chiropractic as the solution for their chronic pain. Some patients actually prefer the quick fix option.

However, there are many patients who crave for and are in need of a more natural, sustainable solution that gets to the "bottom of the iceberg". These are the patients we see.

At "You Chiropractic", our primary goal is to help chronic pain patients be more educated about their alternative solution - Chiropractic care. It's a convenient, simple, safe and guided way to living pain-free.

Our Chiropractors are well trained (for 5 years minimum) to understand your nervous system and how it creates chronic pain when your body is under stress. We are methodical, thorough and treat using very precise adjustments to help you get the best outcome.

What Makes Us Different

More Than Your Spine

Most Chiropractors only assess and adjust (treat) the patient's spine. There's a good reason for this - all of the nerves in your body come from your spine.

However, many of your nerves also travel from your spine to other parts of your body. For example, they go to your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

Dr Kelvin Chew practices a more complete style of Chiropractic. Every assessment and adjustment involves more than just the patient's spine.

This is why we are able to help patients with chronic pain in various parts of the body. Yes, even your hips, knees, feet and ankle!

Flat Fee Chiropractic

Most Chiropractors charge a higher fee for initial appointments or longer appointments. These can go up to over $100, depending on your suburb location.

"You Chiropractic" has a flat fee policy. This means that all our appointments are the same rate - $90 for standard and $80 for concession.

So, if you are a concession patient it doesn't matter if you're having your first, second or 17th appointment. The fee per consultation will be the same - $80.

The reason for this is we believe that quality of care should be the top priority. If it takes more time to get the job done then that's fine, if it takes less time to do it then we won't waste your time!

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