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function well, the you chiropractic way

Caring for the growing needs of our community in Ultimo, Chippendale, Glebe, Pyrmont and Haymarket, Sydney. 

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Experienced practitioner with 10 years in the industry.

Kelvin the Chiro

Our story is a simple but relatable one. Having been involved in a motor-vehicle accident as a young child, Dr Kelvin experienced first hand how neck pain not only affected how one feels from day to day, but more importantly how it changes an individual’s quality of life. No matter how small or big your stressors are in life, Dr Kelvin understands how it could play a major part on the health of your spine, giving rise to abnormal symptoms that prevent you from doing what you love.

Now, with 10 years ++ knowledge in the health and chiropractic industry and more than 6 years of clinical experience in helping people with various problems, he is dedicated to serving the community around Ultimo, Chippendale, Glebe, Pyrmont, Sydney CBD, Surry Hills, Camperdown, Redfern & Haymarket.

Clients we see at You Chiropractic clinic

Families, working professionals, uni students who want to function well and live a balanced life

Quality Chiropractic Care in Sydney

Our Clients & Community

  • Most people we see in practice are office, IT workers, families and university students around Ultimo, Chippendale, Glebe, Pyrmont and Haymarket.
  • Because of this, we see a wide variety of age groups and socio-economic backgrounds. As long as you have a spine, you can have a healthier spine.
  • We also enjoy working with other local businesses and are proud of our hard-earned reputation amongst the local community.

Chiropractic Simply Explained

Chiropractic care is an integral part of your self care that helps restore a healthy nervous system

Spinal Assessment


Chiropractic is the knowledge of looking after your spine proactively.

Chiropractic has more than 100 years history


Chiropractic has been around for more than 100 years.

Chiropractic is an integral part of your self care

Integral part of your self care

Experts are starting to understand the complex role of the spine and how it relates to your spinal cord, brain and nervous system.

Restore normal function with chiropractic care

An infographics helping you understand why and how chiropractic care helps you function normally

Chiropractic is an art, science, and philosophy

What We Are And What We Are Not

We …
We Don’t …
provide chiropractic care
provide massage or stretch therapy
work with your nervous system
work with your muscles
restore normal body function
give quick-fix pain relief
are a natural solution
prescribe medications or drugs
approach health from the inside-out
approach health from the outside-in

The Ultimo Clinic

10 minutes walk from the Central Park; Free street parking; 2-hour free parking in the broadway shopping centre

Sydney Chiropractor - YouChiropracic

Serving The Communities

Proudly serving the suburbs of Ultimo, Chippendale, Glebe, Pyrmont and Haymarket, Sydney Australia.

A comfortable

A cosy, family-friendly space to make your journey to better spinal health comfortable, easy and enjoyable.

Wellness Focused Philosophy

Our philosophy on getting your spine healthier: regular checkups + home exercises + self care.