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2 Gentle Chiropractic Techniques we Use

2 Gentle Chiropractic Techniques we Use

Do gentle Chiropractic techniques exist? Perhaps you saw a video on Youtube or TikTok showing a Chiropractor cracking their patient.

Good thing you know that social media isn’t real life! Instead, it’s mostly viral marketing designed to get your attention and interest.

In this article, I’ll show you the 2 gentle Chiropractic techniques that I use, and why I think they’re the best.

Disclaimer: every Chiropractor Adelaide operates differently, so I can only speak on behalf of You Chiropractic.


Hands-on Gentle Chiropractic Technique (Diversified)

This is by far the most well-known type of Chiropractic treatment.

Here’s how it works. Basically, the Chiropractor:

  1. checks the patient’s joints
  2. finds a joint that isn’t moving normally (stuck)
  3. Chiropractor uses their hands to gently push the stuck joint
  4. You may hear a small “pop” (similar sound to bubble wrap)
  5. the patient’s joint starts moving normally again

Many people love the hands-on gentle Chiropractic technique because it gives a sense of instant relief. It takes time for your joints to recover. However, people often feel lighter and less stiff immediately after.

Hands-on technique for neck joint

You may be wondering about the “popping” sound with this technique. During a hands-on adjustment, a small gas bubble is formed within your joint space. This creates a “cracking” sound.

So thankfully, it’s NOT bones breaking! It also doesn’t cause arthritis in your joints (some people used to believe this back in the day).

Lastly, you may be curious to know what it feels like during a hands-on adjustment? Well, it is a comfortable feeling and shouldn’t be painful. If the joint was severely stuck beforehand, you may feel some soreness the day after.

Having said that, some people prefer gentle Chiropractic techniques that don’t produce a “popping” sound at all. If this sounds like you, then you’ll be happier with the next technique.


Activator Technique (Handheld Instrument)

Instead of using their hands, the Chiropractor may use a handheld device to adjust you.

The most popular handheld Chiropractic instrument is the “Activator“. Basically, it’s a T-shaped device with a spring inside.

Activator technique for pelvic joint

When the Chiropractor squeezes one end, the spring is activated. Then, a soft rubbery tip on the other end pushes onto the patient’s joint.

Similar to the hands-on technique, the Activator is designed to push a stuck joint so it can move normally again. However, there are some differences.

Benefits to choosing this technique:

  • it doesn’t “pop” your joints (great if you dislike cracking)
  • Less pressure (even more comfortable)
  • no twisting positions (ideal for people with a disc bulge)

In clinic, I use a mix of the 2 gentle Chiropractic techniques. It all depends on the patient’s body type and preference.

This is why communication between Chiropractor Adelaide and patient is key!


Other Gentle Chiropractic Techniques

There are a multitude of other gentle Chiropractic techniques available.

Some techniques will “pop” your joints, but others won’t. Either way, as long as your Chiropractor is adjusting the right joint (the stuck one), you should get better.

Final notes regarding “cracking”:

  • It isn’t the aim of Chiropractic adjustments (but popping is normal for certain techniques)
  • Cracking isn’t harmful (when performed by a fully qualified Chiropractor)
  • If you dislike cracking, ask your Chiropractor to use a non-cracking technique (e.g. Activator)

Activator technique for upper back joint