Shop 1/606 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown, SA, 5074

Looking for a Chiropractor in Adelaide?

Our Clinic Is Located At Campbelltown, 5074, SA

Our Adelaide clinic is easily accessible via the Lower North East Road in Metropolitan Adelaide. We are located directly behind the new Medical Centre.

There is plenty of free on-site parking for our patients. We are located within a row of local shops and businesses forming the Campbelltown shopping centre.

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Chiropractic Made Easy

Safe & Convenient Chiropractor in Adelaide

Most of our patients want a convenient, experienced Chiropractor that they can trust. We practice a traditional, hands-on style of Chiropractic. We are known for being thorough, clear, and caring because we listen when our patients speak.

Chiropractic should be easy to implement and used regularly to ensure a healthy nervous system. Come to our Adelaide clinic and have your initial Chiropractic assessment with Dr Kelvin Chew today!

Patient Reviews

Ony Pozzuto
Ony Pozzuto
Excellent Doctor. Very skilled. He helped me from the first appointment and reassured me a lot. Thanks Dr Kelvin.
Wayne Harlock
Wayne Harlock
I was made to feel at ease and was totally taken care of with all the procedures fully explained along the way.
Kelvin is the best, simple as that.
Taylor K
Taylor K
Dr. Kelvin has to be the best Chiro, hands down! I find my sessions are between 15-20 minutes and the whole time focussing on areas of concerns but also the whole body. I would highly recommend YOU Chiropractic.
Amy Goodridge
Amy Goodridge
I injured my neck / shoulder and needed an urgent appointment - his lovely admin Mia got me in within 30-mins! Dr Chew was amazing and took lots of time with diagnostics and to make sure my adjustment was right. I really appreciated the kindness and help!
Cleopatra Surguy
Cleopatra Surguy
I tried to find a good chiropractor for my husband's neck injury after a fall. After reading through so many chiropractors reviews. Dr Kelvin Chew sounded so professional and attentive. So he went to see Dr Chew. After 1st visit, Dr Chew knew what was wrong with his neck. When my husband left the 1st visit, he felt wonderful, so tall and light on his feet. The 2nd visit 1 week after with fine adjustment to neck again, then hips and feet. Once again he felt so tall, relax and so straight. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR CHEW. He explains everything thoroughly to you as he goes along. If anyone ever asks us for a good Chiropractor, We certainly would recommend Dr Chew. Thank you so much Dr Chew for making him well after the fall.

What Chiropractic Care Can Help You:

To address the underlying issues of pain.

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
accident or otherwise, You Chiropractic Adelaide clinic welcome the chance to serve you!

Meet Your Adelaide Chiropractor 

Dr. Kelvin Chew, An Experienced and Caring Chiropractor in Campbelltown, Adelaide

  • Dr Kelvin Chew is a Chiropractor with a strong focus on chronic pain.
  • Having been a chronic neck pain patient himself, he understands the many concerns of his patients.
  • He has experience working in medical centres and health hub practices before running "You Chiropractic".
  • Dr Kelvin's philosophy is that "pain is only the tip of the iceberg" and it's more beneficial to address the underlying cause - your nerves.
  • His patients want to manage their chronic pain better, without drugs or surgery.

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How Can You Get Here?

Our Clinic Is Located At Campbelltown, Adelaide, SA 5074

We Are Unique

Why Choosing us as Your Chiropractic Care Solution in Adelaide?

Easy Chiropractic
We want you to enjoy your Chiropractic care, so we minimise the need to do anything more outside your sessions
Holistic Chiropractic
We routinely check your jaw, hips, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, elbows, wrists & hands in addition to spine.
Objective Success
We take your chronic pain & wellbeing seriously, so we use objective tools & assessments to help you get better
Had your chronic pain for more than 3 months?
Come to our Campbelltown clinic and have your initial Chiropractic assessment with Dr Kelvin Chew today!

Latest Articles

Chiropractic care in simple language: 

Find out the latest articles about our Chiropractic Clinic in Adelaide and information about all your chiropractic and health-related needs.

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Pain is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Pain is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Pain is your body's way of telling you there's a problem. Although it does a good job getting your attention, it doesn't tell you where or what the problem is.

That's why Chiropractors are experts in assessing your pain. We are tertiary trained for at least 5 years to help identify the cause of your pain - the bottom of the iceberg.

Once the underlying cause has been identified, we use Chiropractic adjustments to fix it. By addressing your pain at the deepest level, we keep your bones and nerves healthy throughout your lifetime.

Chiropractic for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is any pain that's been there for 12 weeks or longer. This is different from normal pain, which is usually the result of an injury or trauma.

Chiropractic is a great way to treat and manage your chronic pain because it helps to calm down oversensitive nerves. When your nerves become oversensitive, that's when chronic pain starts to bother you.

At You Chiropractic, we see patients with all types of chronic pain and associated conditions. Here are some common ones:

Chiropractic for Chronic Pain
Had your chronic pain for more than 3 months?
Come to our Campbelltown clinic and have your initial Chiropractic assessment with Dr Kelvin Chew today!