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Back pain is the most common reason for disability in the workplace. Chances are your back pain is affecting your ability to move comfortably also. Not many people are aware there are hundreds of causes for this condition so it is crucial that you get diagnosed by a qualified professional to identify the underlying cause. To save hours of your time looking for the right solution for your back pain, learn more below...

Neck Pain 2

Neck pain is getting more prevalent as the technology we use continue to advance. Your neck was never made to endure hours of work in front of a computer or to absorb tremendous amounts of stress you may experience regularly. As a result, your neck experiences long term damage that causes discomfort during sleep, at the gym or during your time off work. To prevent your neck pain from getting worse, learn more below...

HA 4

Headaches can present in a variety of ways. Some last a few days or a couple of hours. Some can be very debilitating while others are barely noticeable. What's important is when your headache or migraine affects your life in some way, you do something about it. A lack of ability to focus and concentrate are often the first signs that your headaches could be getting worse. To do something about your headaches, learn more below...

Posture 1

Poor posture is more than having the tendency to slouch or having tight shoulders. It is a sign that your brain is not sending the right signals to your muscles & ligaments. As a consequence, you are unable to have an accurate sense of positional awareness. Many people with bad posture experience poor balance, a lack of energy (fatigue) & even a higher tendency for injuries such as ankle sprains. To improve your posture easily, learn more below...

Injury 3

Injuries are part and parcel of life when you choose to keep fit and active. It is your body's way of coping with physical stress or damage. The down side is that it forces you to rest and not be as active for a few days or weeks (sometimes even months). Not many people know that what you do during the first 6 weeks after your injury plays the biggest role on how quick and well you recover. To speed up your injury recovery, learn more below...

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